Changing paradigm of education




Quelle: „Touriseum“ in Meran (South Tyrol), private photos, 3rd project meeting


Integration of new media and integration of competence-based learning (CPE) – Teaching with tablet-PCs pan-European


Freedom of movement, European job market, personal responsibility and media competence – these are only a few challenges for apprentices and vocational education. School as an institution needs to react. It still faces the challenge to prepare students for their work-life in the best possible way. Therefore the conception of school and ways of teaching has to be altered: more competence-focused, more self-organized, more student-dependent and more media-based lessons and the use of ECVET are possible answers to these challenges. These answers are at the same time new challenges for the development of educational concepts.

In some countries there have been isolated experiences with these topics. The following questions have nevertheless not yet been answered completely:


In our strategic partnership these questions will not be answered separately but cooperative, complementary and innovative.

The experiences of all four project schools will be brought together with the aim of cross-border European instructional development:

  1.  self-organized and practise-oriented learning (Landesberufsschule Hartberg, Austria),
  2. the use of tablet-PCs and smartphones in practise-oriented learning environments (Max-Weber-Berufskolleg, Germany)
  3. experiences with the use of ECVET (Oulu vocational college, Finland),
  4. cross-cultural learning in projects (Landesberufsschule Savoy, Italy). The four project-schools will share their knowledge with the others through practise-oriented workshops.

Complementary to this the market research company ACADEMIC DATA (Germany) will develop, coordinate, conduct, evaluate and publish the results of two studies (observation of lessons, online-study of companies about the facilitation of competences).




Tableteinsatz im Unterricht